Promoting the Soccerex Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, August 1st 2012 - The Soccerex Seminar will be held at the Eko Hotel in Lagos Nigeria on September 27th and 28th with the support of the Lagos State Government. This will be the first Soccerex event in Africa and the first global soccer conference in Nigeria.

The Soccerex Seminar provides an opportunity to learn about the global soccer business from a Nigerian and African perspective. In attendance will be dignitaries, as well as global and local companies who are sponsoring the event.

Nigerian Fans

Nigeria is a soccer mad country and the passion for the game is just as intense as in Brazil or Mexico. It is not uncommon for all activity to grind to a halt when the Nigerian National Team (popularly known as the 'Super Eagles') is playing a match. Nigeria has featured prominently in past FIFA tournaments and has made it to the Olympic finals twice. Because of the popularity of soccer in Nigeria, it can serve as a gateway to Nigerian consumers for American companies interested in entering the Nigerian market.

The hope of the Soccerex Seminar market is to act as a catalyst in commercializing the game in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country. The potential for commercialization and investment is the Nigerian market is immense. Various studies, whitepapers and recent headlines have stated that American companies are ignoring the growing Africa market. A recent report by McKinsey & Company state “Africa's potential can no longer be ignored”

Africa's potential can no longer be ignored - McKinsey & Company

Lions on the move: The progress and potential of African economies

Concorde Sports Agency is promoting the Soccerex Seminar in Lagos as an opportunity to learn more about the Nigeria market, and for American businesses to get a glimpse of what makes Nigeria tick. We believe that this event can help foreign companies gain a foothold into the Nigerian market as all the decision makers within the country are soccerfans. To this end we have produced a presentation titled "Soccerex Lagos Seminar - An Avenue for Exploring the Nigerian Consumer Market"

We encourage you to attend the Soccerex Seminar in Lagos as a delegate. If you are interested in doing so please visit the Soccerex Seminar web page.


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